Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Another Day In The Woods

Well...I'm am beginning to get a little desperate. The past few nights in the stand I've been seeing alot of deer, but they are all does and small bucks. The bucks are chasing, but I have yet to see my Mr. Big. And, I'm beginning to wonder if he's still alive.

Tonight I'm going to check my trail camera one last time before I leave on my trip for Illinois, and I'm hoping to have some picture of Mr. Big on there. I've been hearing of big bucks shot in the area, and I'm starting to get a little scared that Mr. Big is one of them.

In reality, I'm beginning to wonder if shooting Mr. Big will just be a dream.

I'm not giving up my search, but lately the odds haven't been in my favor. Should I pass up another big buck in hopes that Mr. Big will show up? Though I would like to take any big NJ buck this year, Mr. Big is really the deer I would love more than anything to shoot. The rut activity is starting to pick up, and the small window of pre-rut activity where the bucks are easier to bring in to your stand with calling and rattling, is beginning to close. All season I have been looking forward to the day that I will finally walk over to my bloody arrow and see Mr. Big laying in the field 60 yards away. But is it realistic?

I have three days before i leave on my trip. And if I don't get my chance in the three days, the rut will be in full swing when I get back. I'm guessing that my week in Illinois will give me time to think about it and decide what my next move will be...

He sure is the NJ buck of my dreams....

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