Monday, November 15, 2010


Well, its the middle of November and things are starting to get a little depressing, with no buck down, the rut fast coming to an end, and firearm season less than a month away. It's been so warm out lately that I haven't been seeing many bucks at all, except on my trail camera after dark. Things need to pick up soon!

The next few weeks will be extremely busy, so I'm really hoping to have Mr. Big killed by Thanksgiving. There, I have a goal to work towards! Hopefully the weather will cool off. I got excited when I looked out my bedroom window this morning and saw that it was raining...but then I stepped outside and it was nearly 70 degrees..Ugh!!!! Whatever happened to fall?? It's supposed to be almost winter!

Tomorrow I'm going to be putting up a stand for my youngest sister Hannah, who is twelve...I think. This is her first deer season, and she hasn't been having a whole lot of luck. This weekend is Youth Firearm Day and I've been seeing plenty of does and small bucks at my stand. So, I'm going to set up a double stand for her so that I can film her when she (hopefully) shoots her first deer this weekend. I'm pretty excited about it!

Then, I also need to shoot my Muzzleloader this weekend. The season opens on the 29th and I haven't even looked at my gun since last year on the 30th of November when I cleaned it and put it back in the gun cabinet after shooting my big buck.Hopefully I will have as much success this year.

Then, I also promised my youngest brother Josh, who is ten,  that I would take him bow hunting, so the double stand I put up for my sister will also be for Josh. Hopefully I will get him filmed shooting his first deer as well.

Then, my sister Sarah (17) also wants to shoot a deer this I'll probably be hunting with her out of the double stand as well.

Then, I have to get ready for the upcoming bear season, when I will be guiding a hunt.

Then, also, in between all of this my boyfriend wants to get some hunts on film, and possibly another trip to Missouri.

So many things to do!! I'm just hoping that all my hard work will pay off. My goal: One buck for me, one deer for Hannah, one deer for Josh, one deer for Sarah, and one black bear for the guy I will be guiding. Am I expecting too much?

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  1. im hoping the one deer for me isnt asking to much!!!! although the rest of the stuff would be nice too lol