Monday, March 28, 2011

One Week :)

Well, several good things have happened in my life since the last time I wrote a blog…and I believe its been awhile!

Number one: I’m going to have an article published in the May/June issue of Turkey Country, the National Wild Turkey Federation Magazine…so for those of you who get the magazine, be sure to read my article and let me know what you think!

Number two: I met a hot young Mountain Man, who is as into hunting as I am, and he asked me out. Pretty much exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, only a little late…but better late than never!

And of course, Number three: In one short week I will be leaving for Ohio to start the first leg of my trip for my 2011 Turkey Grand Slam. The past month has gone by agonizingly slow! I started a long list of the things I need to pack and cram into my truck. I have yet to start packing…I think its going to end up being an all day thing. Besides packing all my stuff for hunting (gun, bow, ammo, arrows, camo, cameras, hats, boots, etc) I need to pack all the everyday stuff and everyday clothes, for both warm weather (Florida) and colder weather (Kansas and Nebraska). I just know I’m going to forget something!

Besides the fact that I’m really really excited about the possibility of a grand slam, I’ve never been to any of the three states I’m going to be in, much less hunted them. Its all I talk about lately, I’m pretty sure my friends and family are already tired of hearing about it, and I haven’t even left yet.

At least I’ll have something to blog about again! I feel as if my life is very boring when its not hunting season. Last month I got a blackberry phone, so I can update my facebook status from the road, and upload pictures, and am going to try to update my blog as often as will be like I’m hunting “live” online.

Considering that fact that I haven’t gotten a turkey in a few years, this is going to be pretty exciting! I even get to spend my birthday (April 13th) turkey hunting, which seems like a darn good birthday right there. 

One week....I sure am excited!!


  1. Congratulations on the article and finding a mountain man.

    I sure do wish you luck and success on trying to fullfill your grand slam. Please do keep us posted.

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    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  2. i'm so jealous about your trip!!!!!!! haha your mountain man <3 ;)