Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Under Armour EVO Cold Gear Review

Just recently I bought Under Armour's EVO Cold Gear pants and hoodie from bass pro, and wore them for the first time last night. I was a little paranoid about putting them in the dryer, so after washing them in the washing machine (cold water, scent free detergent) I let them air dry outside.

I had bought a size small, which fit me perfectly: snug but not tight. The pants surprisingly were long enough so that it didn't look like I was preparing for a flood, which is what it usually looks like since I have long legs. The pants were also low rise but stayed high enough to cover everything when I sat down. My problem? No pockets.

The hoodie was fitted as well, and my favorite feature was the extra long sleeves with thumb holes...perfect for bow season!! Alas once again no pockets.

All in all it was well worth buying...super soft, quiet, and comfy...and to top it off??? Very cute!!!! Say what you want but I'm a 23 year old girl...I want the best camo I can afford but it's definitely a plus when it looks good too.

Just a side note for you girls wanting to buy it...I bought size small of pants and hoodie...I didn't go by the size chart as Under Armour tends to run big in my opinion. I'm 5'7" tall, 36C bust and size 3 or 4 jeans. Everything fit perfectly and i can fit a layer underneath each, OR put a layer over top without it being bulky (it was originally meant as part of a 3 layer system, this being the middle layer. Hence the no pocket problem.) It's really an ideal set of camo for early season bowhunting!!!

Now I'm saving my pennies for 1. A hangun; 2. A climber, and; 3. The Under Armour Cold Weather Ridge Reaper suit for women.

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