Friday, August 19, 2011


Yes indeed it has been a month since I've been on here...I've been insanely busy. I made my move to Ohio in the first week of August and finally have gotten settled in.

AND, now that I've finally settled in, Mike and I are off to Utah!!!

The past week we've been scrambling to get me a bow set was alot harder than I thought it was going to be. The first two Ross bows that we had in mind for me to use didn't work. The first one the poundage was too high, the second one the draw length was too long. Trying to get a bow set up in a week doesn't really leave much time. At the last minute we tried one of Mike's Ross bows and cranked the poundage down...only to find out that the draw length was still too long. So then we decided to make a "quick" trip to Cabela's and get the draw length shortened. A few hours later, we had the bow set up for me to shoot and sighted in for 10, 20, and 30 yards. So, now I'm shooting a Ross Cardiac and loving it!!! (Complete with my pink bow sling and arrows).

So, tomorrow afternoon we leave for Utah; Mike for Mule deer and I may get a chance at an elk...whether I get to shoot one or not, I'm looking forward to the hunt. I've never been to Utah before and can't wait to get some awesome pictures and footage.

Wish us luck :)


  1. That is one nice looking bow. I almost wish I still bow hunted.

  2. Good morning folks and I'm sure some of you are watching hurricane Irene's movements especially if you live on the east coast. ............. I have a post called "Lancaster on 2 wheels" today on Amish Stories where i tour the Amish country side taking pictures and observations which I've just posted................Enjoy your weekend everyone and i hope your out of Irene's path and safe. Richard from Amish Stories.