Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tribute To The Hoyt

Monday afternoon I got rid of my Hoyt Ultrasport. That bow has been mine for a long time, the better part of six years after I bought it from my older brother. I’ve killed numerous deer, turkey, and small game with it, and is the only bow I’ve never missed an animal with.

The Hoyt journeyed with me to Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois, though it never really brought me any luck except in New Jersey. And even here in Jersey, I still never managed to shoot Mr. Big with my Hoyt…well I never managed to shoot Mr. Big, period. (It still bothers me from time to time.)

But, after shooting a Ross bow in Kansas and having one waiting for me in Ohio, I have a feeling I will never have a reason to pick up my Hoyt again. Originally when I bought it from my older brother Joe, he said that if I ever got a new bow he would buy the Hoyt back. So, last week when I was visiting my family I decided to ask my dad if Joe was still interested in buying it back, and also found out that my younger brother Tim (who is 15) needed a new bow for the fall. After talking with Joe, I decided to just give the bow to Tim.

So, its kind of cool that this will be the third person in my family to use the bow, and it will most likely eventually be passed down to my youngest brother who is 11. I’m looking forward to seeing what Tim kills with the Hoyt this year!!!

And looking forward even more to seeing what I will kill with my new Ross :)

Here is a picture tribute to the 2004 Hoyt Ultrasport!!! >>---->


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