Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where Have All The Deer Gone???

When I first moved to Ohio, I was scared to death. I'd just left behind my family, my friends, my dog, emptied my bank account, and was leaving all that was familiar behind me. I would be moving in with someone for the first time; I would be taking care of the house and cooking and cleaning but not only for myself anymore. And would also have to be a mom for two kids who I wasn't even OLD enough to be a mom too.  So, really I had plenty of worries when it came to everyday life in Ohio.

One thing I never took time to worry about was the deer season in Ohio...Mike and his dad and plenty of other people from Ohio were always telling me about the hundreds of deer that they saw every season, of the giant bucks they saw and shot. In New Jersey you could hunt for years and never even SEE a deer as big as what they had here. Heck, I was more excited than anything to hunt here!!!

Needless to say, this season hasn't been that successful. My last encounter with Mr. Big the 11 point is still my last encounter with him. I have yet to see him again. Mike has caught glimpses of him several times but hasn't had any shots. It's been weeks since I've seen a deer while I'm hunting...the only deer I see are when I'm driving down the road and see them in fields, or see them crossing the roads.

I would like to say it's just me having bad luck, but it's not. No one else is seeing anything either. Mike shot a doe a few weeks ago on a bitter cold day, right at dusk. But, the next day it was back up to 50 degrees again and there was no more deer movement.  And hasn't been any more deer movement.

This is really a depressing season. I hope it changes soon.

Opening day of firearm season here in Ohio was Monday, and I missed the first few days due to being sick. I went out yesterday and saw nothing, going to try again today. Monday bow season opens up again, but early Tuesday morning Mike and I will be packing up our guns and the kids and heading to New Jersey to hunt some black bear. Who knows, maybe I'll have a chance to shoot a buck back in New Jersey. How ironic would that be???

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  1. I can't sat where they have gone because rifle season never happened and muzzleloader opens in 2 days but I have noticed the the sighting have dropped down a bit as I drive around town. Maybe the weather has changed.