Monday, February 20, 2012

The Search For Camo

I don't think guys will ever really understand what it's like to not own any good camouflage hunting clothing that just doesn't fit right (I know my boyfriend doesn't). I'm sure they get tired of hearing about it but it really is a problem. Men never have that problem. All they have to do is go to the nearest Wal-Mart, Cabelas, or Gander Mountain and pick out anything that's their size and Ta-dah...IT FITS!!!

Last year about this time I ordered the She Safari C2 Realtree fitted jacket and pants...I was super excited. It looked so cute on the girl in the picture, and was supposed to be awesome from the reviews that were on the website. My one friend had ordered them a few months ago and had liked them, except for the fact that the sizing was completely off and that the seams ripped while she was hunting. The way I looked at it, I could easily reinforce stitching...this camo was affordable and seemed like it would be perfect for spring turkey hunting and bow season.

Once I finally got it and tried it on, I was only fairly happy with it. I loved how the jacket fit, but the pants were a little big. No big deal, it would just leave some room for layering. I could work with it.

My first time wearing it was during spring turkey season in Florida. It kept me warm enough, but surprisingly the pants were slightly bulky at the knees and at the crotch, and the cloth rubbing against itself (or anything for that matter) was extremely loud.


I've owned (and still own) several pairs of mens size small camo pants and jackets. The jackets aren't too bad except for the fact that they're always snug across my chest, but the lower body could house a family of five. The sleeves are always several inches too long, which does help keep my hands warm but seems to always get in the way when it comes to shooting. 

The pants, even a mens size small, are huge on me. Without a belt I would lose my pants with the first step, no matter how many layers I have underneath. There is so much fabric in the crotch area that it becomes extremely uncomfortable and annoying to always have it rubbing against your legs (since the crotch is usually around my knees). I supposed I could store some extra clothing in there, or maybe some food and drinks...but I already carry a backpack when I need to bring stuff like that.

I kept the jacket to wear around town, or when I go out since it's cute and fitted, but I gave the pants away to one of my friends since I will never wear them again.

Really, it's not easy to find good camo...especially when I'm on a budget. And can no longer go out and buy myself some new camo whenever I want since I have to think of Mike and the kids before anything else...

Some camo that I have bought and liked (and was able to afford) so far, are:

1. My realtree girl pants. They're really only for warm weather such as spring turkey and early season bowhunting since they're lightweight. (Although you can wear them around town or anywhere since they look so cute and fit like a pair of jeans). I have 3 pairs of these, two in a size 4 and one in a size 5 for an extra layer underneath.

2. My matching realtree girl zipper hoodie. Its great for layering, and matches my pants. It's also lightweight enough to wear with just a tshirt underneath when its hot out.

3. This is one piece of clothing I COULD NOT go without. Easily the best $40 I've ever invested in when it comes to hunting camo Under Armour shirt. I wear it literally every day during deer season (yes I do wash it). Its fitted, so really there's no way it could fit you wrong unless you buy the wrong size. And it keeps my toasty warm. I have a pair of Under Armour cold gear long underwear bottoms as well, which I also love since guess what??? The waistline doesn't have to be up to my chin like most long underwear bottoms made for women.

I've already chosen my next set of camo that I want to save up and of my friends bought it, has worn it plenty of times hunting, and it looks amazing (always a bonus). Under Armour has come out with their own line of women's hunting clothing, for both warm and cold weather. Right now I want to find a really good pair of camo for warm weather, since its easier to find and also cheaper. So, I'm going to start saving up some money from selling my painted feathers and am going to buy a pair of their pants and a shirt to try...

I'm excited. In a few weeks I should be able to order the pants.

Also, I'm going to go on a search for a great pair of women's hunting gloves...all of the mens gloves are too big, which means I can't shoot my bow while wearing them. That's a problem I need to fix.

Stay tuned...


  1. I have the C4 (given to me) & I love it. Never used the C2 though. I looked at the UA pants and decided they weren't worth the money (lack of weight I'm always cold) for use as cold weather gear. I have The Crush Scentlock women's suit for midweight gear and love it! Good luck on the search for elusive well fitting women's gear!

    1. Thanks girl :) I've never heard of the Crush Scentlock suit so I'll have to check it out!!!

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