Thursday, January 19, 2012

Texting With Gloves

Yes, I am one of those people who brings my smart phone along to the treestand. It helps keep me occupied when sitting in the stand for hours at a time when I'm not seeing any deer. 

Michael makes fun of me. "How are you supposed to see any deer when you're texting?" He always asks. He just likes picking on me, because he also texts while in the treestand and in the blind. Just turn the phone on silent and keep your eyes and ears open for deer and you're perfectly fine.

In the warm weather I would usually run my phone dead unless I charged it before I went hunting; but thats what going on the internet (facebook) does to my blackberry: kills it.  

Yesterday my friend Carol and I went out hunting. It was about 25 degrees and breezy and we froze our little butts off (though we did see 8 deer, and had them at 70 yards, too far for the bow but hopefully Friday they'll come in closer when we're there again). 

We both came across a problem: since it was so cold it was pretty much impossible to text without taking our gloves off. Mike was texting me and asking if we were seeing anything, and the second I took my gloves off to answer his text, my fingers froze. They didn't just get cold, they FROZE. I couldn't feel my fingers and could barely move them. I guess I got a little to used to hunting in 40 degree weather all through December and January. I was so cold my eyeballs hurt and my lungs felt like they were going to freeze everytime I took a breath.

When I was 15 I went hunting in 15 degree weather, forgot my gloves, and got frostbite in my fingers so I can no longer feel my fingertips. I no longer forget my gloves. Ever. 

Huddled inside the little treehouse that was attached to the raised deck we were hunting in, I told Carol "I wish I could text with gloves on."

So this afternoon I googled "texting gloves" and hundreds of of websites/pictures popped up. Gloves in every color, every kind of material, knitted gloves, leather gloves, gloves with plastic circles on the fingertips so you can TEXT WITH GLOVES.

Really, its brilliant.

I wonder if there's a place locally that sells them.

I think every hunter who brings their phone to the woods should own a pair!!!

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