Thursday, January 5, 2012

While My Boyfriend Sleeps

This morning I decided I wanted to go out. Besides the fact that I was tired of being stuck in the house, it had turned freezing cold and snowed...and I needed a little pick me up. What better way to do that then go out and have some fun???

My boyfriend has been working the night shift all week so every night he leaves at 5, comes back at 7:30 in the morning, and goes straight to bed and sleeps most of the day. Repeat as necessary. I really miss him and I get lonely, but we need to save up some money for our hunting trips. Alas, it's time for me to take matters into my own  hands. 

I dropped Cheyanne off at the bus stop and went back to the house where Mike was already sleeping (I could hear him snoring).  I tiptoed around straightening up the house and starting supper in the crockpot, careful not to wake him...I hadn't told him I was going...let the fun begin!!!

First, I put lotion on, all over my whole body. Then I decided to do my hair and couldn't decide how to do it. I could do braids but it was too I decided to just brush it and leave it as it was.

Next: makeup. I've never been much for makeup...except when I go out. Across my forehead and cheekbones, down to my chin. A little mascara today...I even put on some lip shine to keep my lips from getting chapped.

Hair, makeup, now clothes. Clothes are fairly easy, I don't have all that many to choose from some it only took a few minutes to narrow down my choices. Of course weather is always a factor. 

Hmmm...which scent should I spray on??? Oh yes I had left that in my truck and would put it on later. 

Now I was starting to get excited!!! I'd been watching some videos lately that really were making me want to go out and get something...I was jealous of the other girls in the videos, why should they get to do that and I couldn't??? It was good motivation to get my butt in gear and get going. 

Boots: CHECK. Clothes: CHECK. Makeup: CHECK. Hair: CHECK.

Some people like to go out nights, others like the afternoons. I've always like the mornings; you never really know what you will see or what will happen, or when you will get lucky. 

I decided to try my usual hot spots, but I didn't see anything to bring home, or even just sit and watch. Discouraging is what this was turning out to be. 

After 2 hours I gave up. I was cold and a little disappointed and hungry. Thought it had been fun. Maybe I'll go out tomorrow. 

And it would be nice if when I go out tomorrow I'll be able to actually SEE a deer and SHOOT a deer and BRING IT BACK!!!!