Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is It Turkey Season Yet???

So, it certainly doesn't seem like January at the time being. As I sit here typing its nearly 60 degrees out, the sun is starting to make its way through the clouds and hopefully dry up some of the puddles in our driveway. I went out to my truck this morning and sank into mud up to my ankles. Thank goodness for cowgirl boots. Needless to say I haven't been hunting much.

Last week was the ATA show, which was held in Columbus this year. I'd never been before so I was pretty darn excited to go. Mike and I both helped set up the Maximum Archery booth for Andy Ross, and also worked the booth all three days of the show. And even helped take it down. Andy wasn't around much so it was Mike and I and Andy's editor Adam.

I got to meet a ton of people at the show, and I got to shoot the new Ross single cam women's bow. Unfortunately the one I wanted to shoot was a left handed bow, and the only other one was nearly 60 lbs draw weight. Fortunately with a little help I managed to pull the bow back. The thing I love the most about it is that once you have it drawn back, it's like holding air. Once you release, you barely feel it. If it was set at 50 lbs it would have been perfect.

I had a ton of fun, but by the end of the last day my feet hurt and I was plain old ready to go home.  To sleep in my own bed. And sit in a real chair. Though it was worth it to be at the show.

Back to matters of importance, I was supposed to go hunting today with my friend Carol, but we canceled due to rain, wind, and the fact that she got called in to work. So, we postponed until tomorrow. I'm hoping a cold front will come in and get the deer moving.  Carol has never shot a deer, and I certainly wouldn't mind shooting a deer either. I'm going to bring the video camera in hopes of getting it all on film.

I think that my desire to deer hunt has pretty much disappeared. The bucks are shedding their antlers already, and I'm really starting to wish it was spring. I'm excited for turkey season. This year will pretty much be the same as last year; Mike and I are headed to Florida first for our Osceolas, then to Kansas and Nebraskas for Rios and Merriams. Except hopefully this year we'll actually shoot some.

Last year part of our problem was that since Michael was hunting with a bow and me with a gun, I always waited to see if the bird would come in close enough for a bow shot instead of trying to shoot it myself. This year I'm not going to be so nice I think. This year I want to KILL something. It's been 3 years since I've shot a turkey, I need this dry spell to be over with.

Then, after turkey season comes our trip to Africa...which is even more exciting. I've never even been out of the country before, so this should be quite the experience.

2012 here I come!!!

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