Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting My Life Back

I haven't updated my blog since April...but getting my life back in order has taken all of my attention.

In April I left Michael, for way too many reasons to list here. It's funny how pretending to be happy and trying to convince the outside world that you're happy only makes you feel worse. And so I packed up my truck and drove the never ending six hours back to my parents house in Jersey.

Breakups are tough, they always are. This one proved to be the worst yet, and starting over with no money, no bow, and no job really made it that much harder. Not being one to sit around and feel sorry for myself, I put on my big girl boots, pants, the whole damn outfit. First I started job searching and managed to get my old farm job back. Within a month, between paychecks and money from drawing, I managed to save enough pennies to buy my baby...a Bowtech Heartbreaker.

I'm fairly certain I shot every bow in North Jersey searching for the perfect one...Bear, Hoyt, Mission, Mathews...I tried them all and Bowtech was definitely my first choice.

Step one of getting my life back was complete. On to step two: getting out of Jersey. Long story short, a friend of mine (John) who lived in south Jersey and owns an outfitting business for Whitetail and turkey, suggested I come there (Northeast Kentucky) and guide...the end of August I drove the 9 hours to Garrison and here I am.

Summer has came and went, to be replaced with fall and hunting season...and lots of big bucks on trail cameras. So far we've had several groups of hunters in, one miss, and one 8 point in velvet taken. When there are no hunters I'm allowed to hunt certain areas, which I have been doing but have yet to arrow Mr. Big. Who would have thought such big deer would be in Kentucky?

Besides the fun of cameras, baiting, stands, and of course hunting and guiding, I love meeting the hunters that come in. Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Mississippi..all over the United States. I look at it as a way to make new friends, and as of yet, that's what it's been.

The season has only just begun and I plan on enjoying it, every minute, every day. It feels good to be happy again, to be confident, to just be myself. And it feels absolutely wonderful to sit in a treestand, bow in hand and wait for the crunch of leaves and the glimpse of brown as the deer make their way towards you; the rush of adrenaline whether it's a doe or a buck, whether you get a shot or not.

Here's to bow season's going to be a good one.


  1. Congratulations on making the decision to start over and on the new bow! We do have some very big bucks here in KY. Our cabin and property is in the northeastern part of the state. Good luck with your new job! I'm sure you enjoy it.

  2. Good luck Beka! Starting over is a skill you will use many times.. execution is your release, make it your best shot everytime. "Aim small, miss small." ~ Jules