Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Days

For the past two days the weather has completely sucked. Rain, snow, sleet, and lots and lots of ice. I’ve been trapped in my house, not able to hunt, check trail cameras, take down stands, hang out with friends…

What I don’t understand is, why do I always get snowed in alone? Why can’t I get snowed in with a hot guy or something?

It’s kind of boring being stuck home alone. Though I did get a lot accomplished that I otherwise would never have done.

My muzzleloader is now cleaned and put away until next season, a job I usually put off as long as possible.

I cleaned out the cab of my truck and found some random stuff…a black bikini top, directions to an outdoor show, a frozen bottle of scent spray, a camo hat, a pink thong, some bullets for my .35 Remington, combination lock and cable for a treestand, and some candy from my elk hunting trip in Colorado.

I cleaned out my woodstove, which I haven’t done since…well probably nearly three months, and I even started a fire.

I mixed up some venison burgers and froze a bunch of uncooked ones, and discovered that the plastic containers from Chinese food work perfectly for freezing stuff in. I made Venison Parmesan and froze most of it, and made Chicken Alfredo and froze most of that too.  I probably wont have to cook for a few weeks. I think it would probably be a smart idea to do all of that BEFORE hunting season, that way I would have something to eat when I came home.

I folded ALL of my laundry, instead of just leaving it in the basket and taking it out when I needed it. I even picked up all the clothes I had stacked at the bottom of my bed from the past three weeks, and put them all away in my closet.

I looked up the word “Inimitable” because I read it in a magazine and didn’t really know what it meant.(It means exactly what is sounds like it means.)

I texted. A LOT.

I made plans with one of my best friends to go out on Friday night.

I washed all my dishes.

I worked out.

I even vacuumed my house.

I looked at all the latest issues of Buckmasters, North American Whitetail, Turkey Country, Field&Stream, and Cosmo.

I watched a bunch of movies and hunting DVD’s.

I really wish it would just stop snowing already.

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  1. I wish i'd get snowed in for a while so I could catch up on the things that need to get done. Instead I just keep ice fishing and getting yelled at for doing so.