Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roadtrip To Cabelas

Since turkey season is fast approaching and there are no really good hunting stores around here, my sister and I took a road trip to the Cabelas in Hamburg, PA yesterday.

Roadtrips with Sarah are always interesting. One weekend last year we decided to go to an outdoor show at Pequest Fish Hatchery, which is only about fifteen minutes away. Needless to say we ended up driving around lost for forty minutes until Sarah realized she’d read the directions wrong and told me to turn left instead of right.

I’ve driven up to Cabelas a few times when I lived at my parents house, but this was the first time I would be driving up from my own place, which is about forty minutes closer to Cabelas than my parents is.

I had a list of things I needed to buy (snake chaps and a camo jacket for turkey season) and a list of things I wanted to buy (stainless steel deer skull for the grill of my truck, and a Max-1 bikini). Sarah had her heart set on a new hoodie, and we were both planning on walking around the store for a while to scope out hot guys. (Hey, its rough being two single country girls who live in Jersey!)

Sarah met me at my house at nine in the morning, we left my house by ten, went to the bank to cash Sarah’s latest paycheck, and we were on our way. Fifteen minutes into our trip, with Sarah reading my mapquest directions (A mistake I don’t think I’ll make again, no offense Sarah LOL) we made a wrong turn. (“No, I think we were supposed to take that road up the hill!”)

I can’t really say we got LOST on the way, we knew where we were…we just weren’t sure which road led to Cabelas. 

A trip that should have taken an hour and a half at most, took us two hours…but we spent most of it laughing at ourselves, and blaring Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean, which made it enjoyable. Really, it was pretty good since we didn’t get pulled over or anything. It was also a learning experience…in NJ there are gas attendants at every gas station to pump your gas for you…halfway to Cabelas we pulled over to get gas and realized that we were going to have to pump it ourselves. Not surprisingly it was so simple a caveman could do it, and so could we.

We got to Cabelas at noon, and the first place we went was to the bikinis, then the Bargain Cave for snake chaps. Then, we decided we should eat at Cabelas (dumb idea) so stood in line for ten minutes for the buffet until Sarah panicked that she might not like any of the food. We opted for McDonalds.

After twenty minutes at the McDonalds down the road from the Cabelas (And all the Amish people were properly appalled at our laughing and all the guys were properly amused by the fact that Sarah and I were holding hands) we headed back to Cabelas for our second round of shopping.

We actually found a parking spot close to the store this time, and even got whistled at by a group of guys walking past my truck.

Back inside the store we decided to walk through all the taxidermy so I could start hyperventilating thinking about deer season, then we went to get my steel deer skull and find Sarah a hoodie. We finally found a pink hoodie that fit her, since most of them were too big, but then came across a Realtree Girl shirt in Max-1 and spent twenty minutes deciding which one to buy (she got the shirt).

By the time we left the store with our stuff, plus two chapsticks and a mini pocket-knife key chain thingy, it was 2:30. And, we had no directions to get home. My logic was to reverse the directions that we had to get to Cabelas, and we would be fine.

This time, it actually worked. One hour, twenty minutes, and no wrong turns later, we were back at my house.

I have to say that was one fun road trip!


  1. It sure sounds like you both had a good time and I am looking toward my trip to Cabela's just as soon as my refund check shows up.

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  2. hahaha i'm not the only one who messed up on directions "is this main street???" LMAO good times!!!!! :D