Friday, February 4, 2011

What I Want For Valentine's Day

I know what I want for Valentine’s Day this year…I don’t want flowers or candy or moonlight serenades or anything like that. 

Nope… This year I decided that I would really like if I got a hot guy for Valentine’s Day. Preferably one that looks like The Talldarkandhandsome in the Carhart jacket in the back of the Cabela’s Magazine.  (Don’t worry I’ve included a picture.)

Also, while I’m asking for things, he might as well be able to kill a whitetail at 50 yards with his bow, drive a really hot truck, own a log cabin in the woods, be good at telling dirty jokes, have lots of land with monster trophy whitetails, and have a really cute friendly dog.

I even put together a picture of what it will all look like so that if you see it, you can send it all my way. It doesn’t even have to be gift-wrapped.

And it’s not like what I’m asking for isn’t possible. It’s realistic….right??



 Pretty nice, huh??????


  1. Right, Right :). Here's to hoping you get your wish. You never know.

  2. I wish you the best of luck with that! It can't hurt to ask. The worst that could happen is...well, nothing.

    Let us know!

  3. hahaha beka i love this!!!! :D especially "MY MAN!!!" <3

  4. LOL, well you never know, it could happen!!! :D

  5. All you need to do is keep being who you are and it will all find you. Great post as always!

  6. Sad to say I don't believe I can fill that request but I certainly hope you get lucky.

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