Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Luck Needs To Turn!!!

So, I finally got a chance to get out there and sit in the treestand here in Ohio. I have to say, it didn't really go as planned.

First off, Mike and I had to wait until I got Cheyanne on her bus at 8 o'clock am, then we had to get all of our hunting stuff ready (we should have done it the day before) then load everything in his truck, make sure we had everything, and drive to our spot. 

As we were pulling out of the driveway dark clouds were moving in on the horizon. When I say dark I mean BLACK clouds. It was definitely going to rain. 

We got to our spot, parked, unpacked our stuff, walked to the treestand we put up earlier this month. Then realized we'd forgotten rope to pull our bows up with. Ok, no big deal I would climb into my stand and strap myself in and then mike would climb up and hand me my bow. 

We came accross another problem when I tried putting my safety harness on. Neither one of us could figure out how the heck to put it on me. After ten minutes we gave up and I wore Mike's harness since I was going to be in a lock on that was extremely high in the tree, and he was going to be in a climber.

I finally got settled and it started raining. Mike was going to set up in a tree slightly behind me with his climber. I could hear alot of banging and clanging going on as he tried to get the climber situated. Several times I heard a loud sound that SOUNDED like he had just fallen...which he hadn't luckily. The stand kept slipping on the wet tree. 

Awhile later we were both finally set in our treestands and it was POURING rain. I could feel water soaking into my two layers of camo, I could feel it dripping down my face. My hair was soaked. I felt like I had just taken a shower. To make it even better it was COLD out. I could see my breath in the air. And the rain meant that we wouldn't be able to film, or even take pictures with our new Hycreek camo on. 

We probably sat there for an hour or so before we decided to climb down since I was soaked and we weren't seeing anything. The last thing I need is to get sick on the first time in the treestand. 

We started back up the hill to the truck and soon discovered that with all the rain, the hill was impossible to walk up without falling flat on your face in the mud. Or flat on your butt in the mud. Or on your side. Or any other awkward position you could think of. 

We ended up turning around and going back the long way, which wasn't quite as muddy. 

All in all it really wasn't a successful hunt. It wasn't even all that fun. But, at least we got a chance to get out there and make some memories.  We're headed back out this weekend, and if this awful torrential rain will let up I'm going to try some spot and stalk by myself in the next few days.

I took a drive yesterday and saw some does near the property we hunt, but didn't see any bucks until I started driving back home. Then of course I had a big buck run right across the road in front of me...right in front of some peoples houses. So it didn't matter anyway.

Last night I was at Mike's parents with the kids and we saw some small bucks in the horse pasture...if they had been bigger it would have been a fairly easy spot and stalk. Wyatt took a walk out with the dog and they both got within 40 yards, walking directly across the field. If they were big bucks, I could have gone around the edge of the field and come in right behind them and they never would have known what hit them. So, I'm keeping my eye out in the pasture for this week. I also may go for a drive down to the property we hunt and see if I can see any deer out in the fields. It's time to make the best of this weather!!!

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