Sunday, May 22, 2011

Natural Camo

The past few days of turkey hunting have absolutely sucked.  99% of the time I’m not hearing a darn bird, and the other 1% I get messed up by another turkey hunter. Just not having any luck this season I guess. Only 5 days left and the NJ season will be over, and on top of that I'm missing Mike. 

On the bright side I have made a discovery this turkey season: Natural Camo facepaint. Let me just say that I hate facemasks. I always have and always will. As a little girl my dad always made me wear one while turkey hunting. It made my nose run, and when it was hot it made it hard to breathe. One fateful day when I was ten, I had a turkey in the sights of my shotgun and when I put my head down to shoot, the facemask moved so I could no longer see the turkey. That hunt ended with no turkey, and my dad stopped making me wear a face mask.

I’ve always kind of hated facepaint too though. Its generally sticky, or ends up staining my clothes, or is greasy and waxy and makes me want to immediately go wash it off, or I cant wash it off and have to go throughout the day with stripes on my face.

So, of course I didn’t think Natural Camo was any different.

I got my two vials of facepaint in the mail, black and green, and the next morning I tried it out turkey hunting. And guess what??? I no longer hate face paint.

Number one, it was easy to put on. You just shake the container and draw it on your face. Pretty much like drawing on your face with a magic marker, except cooler.

Number two, it wasn’t greasy or feel like melted crayons once it was on my face. It actually felt like nothing. (Which I suppose could be bad for me since I’ll probably forget I’m wearing it and go to town with it still on or something.)

Number three (my favorite part) was that I could wash it off with plain old water and ALL of it came off. No leftover stripes or shadows on my face. Mission accomplished. Looks like I no longer have a reason to hate facepaint.

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