Sunday, May 8, 2011

Turkey Hunting Tomorrow :)

The days have been going by agonizingly slow. I still haven't been called back to work, which kind of sucks since the extra money would be great to have.

I finally broke down and spend most of my life savings on two turkey permits. (Not really, but I have no idea WHY the permits cost so much??!!) As I was standing in line in Wal-Mart waiting to have the permits printed, I realized: this is most likely going to be the last time I ever buy a NJ Permit. Well, no sadness there. Not surprisingly, Ohio hunting license/permits are much cheaper.

So, tomorrow morning is my first day of NJ turkey hunting this year. I can't wait to get out there!!! Hopefully I get something this year, I haven't shot a turkey in two years I think??? I lost track...But the owner of the property I hunt told me that there are two gobblers in his front field every morning, so it may not be so hard this year.

Tuesday I'm heading out hunting with my sister Sarah, and my dad. I generally feel like my dad is a good luck charm when it comes to turkey hunting since he's a much better caller than I am, and has been hunting a lot more than I have!!!

Hopefully I don't forget anything, I already packed my gun, camo, calls, camera, tripod, and everything else I thought I might possible need in my truck. I'm not sure how I'm going to carry it all really. I need Sarah or Mike here to help me carry it all :D

Mike actually went back to Nebraska and Kansas last week, and finally killed his Merriam and Rio...without me!!! But I am happy he finally did get some turkeys.

So, I guess I'll be up at 5 tomorrow, got to get in the woods early since I haven't been out at all yet this year. Can hunt til noon, then its time for some bowfishing :) I'm hoping this will be the start of an awesome fun week!!!

And maybe I'll be able to put some new pictures up with ME with a turkey this week!!!!


  1. wow thanks a lot you make me look like i carry all your stuff!!!!! oh wait.... :D