Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So the first morning of turkey season this week I woke up to strong winds, heavy rain, and lots of thunder and lightening. Hooray. Second morning wasn't much better, minus the thunder and lightening. I got up, put on my camo and face paint, got my gun in the truck and drove to the spot I was going to hunt. Rain poured down. The wind continued to blow. I still didn't hear any gobbles. It's supposed to be like this ALL week unfortunately. So, I'm feeling a little discouraged. I wish I was even HEARING turkeys, that would at least let me know that they're there.

I talked to a couple other turkey hunters and they're all seeming to have the same problem. No gobbles. Now, the hunters from other states are shooting turkeys. Mike was hearing lots of turkeys in Ohio, and shot one last week. I can't wait until I live in Ohio.

But, I'll be stuck in Jersey for a few more weeks anyways, with my neighbors that stole my mail, and weird landscaper guys who lose their cell phones in the front yard.

But, Mike is driving up here to Jersey to see me on Thursday, which gives me something to look forward to!!! :) And hopefully Wednesday will be a little better for turkey hunting.

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  1. We are getting the same dose of weather here in Colorado. This year has been brutal weather-wise. Hoping Wednesday’s results are better for you.